Taehyeon Kim

 Prev: Google Research (NYC), Qualcomm AI, DynamoFL (YCW22)
 PhD Student @ KAIST AI [OSI Lab]
 Located in Seoul, South Korea
 PhD in Graduate School of AI (KAIST)
 MS in Data Science (KAIST)
 BS in Mathematical Science (KAIST)
[Minor-Intellectual Property]
I am a Ph.D. Student in Optimization & Statistical Inference (OSI) Lab @ KAIST, advised by Prof. Se-Young Yun. I worked as a PhD Intern @ Google ResearchQualcomm AI, and DynamoFL (YCW22 Startup). My expected graduation date is Feb. 2025.  Contact: potter32 [at], kimtaehyeon610 [at] (permanent)


My goal is to tackle trustworthy and real-world AI/ML challenges
LLM: Instruction Tuning, Instructive Decoding, Speculative Decoding, Parallel Decoding
CV/NLP: Knowledge Distillation & Learning with Noisy Labels
Data Heterogeneity: Federated Learning & AutoML & Semi-Supervised Learning
Efficiency: Efficient Deep Learning
Game-Changing Research

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Jul. 2024
Jun. 2024
May. 2024
Jan. 2024
 1 Accepted @ ICML2024W: Blockwise Parallel Decoding (Speculative Decoding)
 Attending ICLR 2024 @ Vienna, Aus  
 1 Accepted @ ICLR2024 (Spotlight): Instruction Following on Large Language Model
Dec. 2023
 1 Accepted @ NeurIPS2023W: Instruction Tuning & Instruction Following
 1 Accepted @ NeurIPS2023: Semi-Supervised Federated Object Detection
 Attending NeurIPS 2023 @ NOLA, US  
 1 Accepted @ AAAI2024: Few-shot & Domain Generalization
Oct. 2023
 Working with Google Research NYC

Working at/with

2023.01 - 2023.05
Semi-Supervised Object Detection
Federated Learning
Eric Lin
2021.06 - 2021.12
Neural Architecture Search
Knowledge Distillation
Heesoo Myeong
2017.03 - 2018.02
Trajectory Prediction
Jaegil Lee

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Preprints (Under Review)

 Exploring and Improving Drafts in Blockwise Parallel Decoding
Taehyeon Kim, Ananda Theertha Suresh, Kishore Papineni, Michael Riley, Sanjiv Kumar, Adrian Benton
Marc Bartholet*, Taehyeon Kim*, Ami Beuret, Se-Young Yun, Joachim M. Buhmann
 FLR: Label-Mixture Regularization for Federated Learning with Noisy Labels
Taehyeon Kim, Donggyu Kim, Se-Young Yun
 Towards Fast Multilingual LLM Inference: Speculative Decoding and Specialized Drafters
Euiin Yi*, Taehyeon Kim*, Hongseok Jeung, Du-Seong Chang, Se-Young Yun
Namgyu Ho*, Sangmin Bae*, Taehyeon Kim, Hyunjik Jo, Yireun Kim, Tal Schuster, Adam Fisch, James Thorne, Se-Young Yun

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